May 28: Live Q&A About Employment Trends After COVID-19

We are continuing our live Q&A sessions, again in cooperation with Prague Integration Courses. This time, we are bringing you another interesting topic: Employment trends after COVID-19 in the Czech Republic

Our speaker will be Nicolo Amadio, Global Talent Acquisition Specialist from SEMrush.

The COVID-19 outbreak has imposed significant changes in Prague society and we can’t deny that the job market has been affected. From employees being sent to work from home immediately, to some others having to be laid off. We see that COVID-19 has shown its presence in the Prague employment scene.

How are the companies themselves reacting towards the changes coming? Will working from home become our compulsory new reality, or should we be present in the office only for significant meetings? Will Czech employers help us to adapt to our new reality, or even if our roles are needed in a post corona world, and will lunch breaks be mostly on ZOOM.

Nicolo will discuss these topics in our 1 hour Q&A session that will take place on 28th of May 2020 at 2 PM on Prague Morning FB Page. Italian born and living in Prague for a few years, he is currently working as Global Talent Acquisition Specialist in SEMrush, bringing a fresh and realistic view on the new employment setup. 

Facebook event here

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