May 25: The First Cinema on the River in Prague!

On May 25th at 20:30, the Czech start-up Artinii and Klub Lávka are organizing a screening of the film Owners on the Vltava. Viewers will enjoy the film directly from the paddle boats.

The romantic scenery of old Prague, refreshments on each deck, and a surprise will contribute to the unique event experience. Artinii’s unique film distribution technology will be used to screen and distribute the film.

100% of the income from the ticket sale will be donated to The Beauty of Help Foundation. The organizers want to express their gratitude to all those who lovingly care for the elderly in a particularly difficult time. When buying tickets, people can add any amount to the basic entrance fee just to support them.

The Chairwoman of the Beauty of Help Foundation’s Board of Directors, influencer and activist Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá will personally support the event with her participation. In order for the return to social life to take place as safely as possible, the strictest hygienic conditions will be followed by the organizers.

  • When: May, 25th 2020 from 20:30
  • Where: Klub Lávka, Novotného Lávka 1, Prague 1
  • The basic price for a boat for up to 4 people and including refreshments is 550 CZK.

Artinii Prague-based start-up that has developed a groundbreaking film distribution system using the latest advanced and secured technology. By building a new marketplace – a global catalog of films – Artinii is enabling anyone to organize a public screening and creating a new revenue stream for rightsholders.

Event on Facebook here

The Beauty of Help Foundation

Foundation was established in 2008. Since then, we have divided among non-profit organizations helping seniors over 30 million Czech Crowns.

As part of the “Úvod without Worries” project, they have helped thousands of seniors to live in dignity at home. They regularly participate in international conferences and have presented our work several times at the UN.

The Chairwoman of the Beauty of Help Foundation’s Board of Directors, Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá, influencer, activist, Czech top model; the only Miss World from the Czech Republic and the UN SDGs ambassador.

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