Matuška Brewery to Open Its First Pub in Dejvice

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The first Prague pub run by Matuška family will be built on the ground floor of the newly reconstructed Dejvická municipal building.

The administration of Prague 6 has completely renovated the building and chose its ground floor’s next tenant through a tender.

“The new tenant offered the highest price for rent, which was the only evaluation criterion. At the same time, it is a very interesting concept of a restaurant. Although not new in Prague 6, the new establishment will definitely help expand the existing offer of gastronomic services in the area,” said Jan Lacina, Deputy Mayor of Prague 6 (STAN).

The house, which has been in a state of disrepair for several years and has undergone a big-scale general reconstruction in recent months, is located at the intersection of Dejvická and Bubenečská streets near the Hradčanská metro station.

From the very beginning, the city district reckoned that the ground floor of the house would be intended for a restaurant-type establishment.

“The general repairs have been completed and the space is ready for further renovations. Only special facilities for cooking have to be installed, but other than that, the tenants will then change the spaces intended for customers according to their taste,” comments Zdeněk Hořánek (STAN).

The restaurant is expected to begin operations in the next few months. Matuška promises to create a space with a simple design and youthful energy.

The project is backed by the co-owner and head brewer of the brewery Adam Matuška; he will operate it together with chefs Petr Tyrichter and Bohumil Spěvák, who are the two co-owners of a popular bistro in Karlín.

About Matuška

Pivovar Matuška was established on 13 April 2003, on Easter Monday, the day the first batch of a special dark beer was brewed.

It took two years to put this micro-brewery together. Its founder, Martin Matuška, a brewer since 1981, was able to do it only thanks to the moral and financial support of his whole family, and also knowing that his son, Adam, would carry on the family brewing tradition.

Matuška are craft beers brewed without sugar, syrups, or hop extracts, only with water, malt, hops, and yeasts, and with a decoction mash, a process that is very demanding in time and energy, but gives our beers a fuller body.

All Matuška beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, keeping their fresh character as if they were tapped straight from the lagering cellar; and also plenty of yeast, with their high contents of vitamin B and other things good for your health.


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