Massive Fire Breaks Out at Braník Storage Facility

A storage facility near the Prague-Braník train station engulfed in flames on Monday morning and officials are still unsure of the cause. 

The fire was first noticed around half past 9 and took a very long time to get under control firefighters are still currently combating the flames.

Officials warned local residents near, Braník, Kamýk, and Modřany against ventilating their home and allowing any of the smoke to come inside.

It’s estimated that at least five volunteers and six professional firefighter units were collaborating to try and put the massive fire out.

No injuries have yet been reported as medical professionals, police forces, and other rescuers were on the scene ready to assist the firefighter units.

“The fire was divided into three sections. Chemists from the laboratory did not find out whether the limits of hygienic standards were exceeded in the residential area of ​​Braník and Modřany. A cloud of smoke was monitored by the helicopter,” added Kavka.

Trams did not run on the line to Braník for more than seven hours, and the parallel Modřanská street was closed.

The operation of tram lines 2, 3, 17, and 21 was limited for seven hours. According to the Prague fire brigade and police officers, tram lines 2, 3, and 17 may still be delayed.


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