Masks in Restaurants, Borders and Cultural Events: Minister of Health Says What Awaits Us

The Czech Minister of Health, Adam Vojtech, shared his predictions about the full opening of borders, the return of tourists, music, cultural events, and the use of face masks.

Face masks
“I am convinced that the compulsory use of masks, was an effective measure. The Czech Republic was a pioneer in Europe on this matter (Slovakia introduced a similar injunction a week later). We have not won, the virus is still spreading. Masks must be compulsory for at least another two months”.

“At the end of June, an easing of compulsory facemask wearing could be put in place, depending on surrounding factors, such as for artists who are unable to work due to facemasks.”

“We have to think about how restaurants will work. In the very beginning, there will be a limited number of tables and costumers allowed. If we talk about masks, it is logical that they can not always wear them. While people eat or drink, the mask should hang around the neck.”

“This summer will not be the same as in previous years. We are negotiating with countries where the risk is relatively low, especially with Croatia, Austria, and Slovakia, but we still have to decide about a real opportunity to go abroad on vacation. As PM Babis said, the possibility of free travel only exists in theory as current conditions make traveling abroad virtually impossible.”

“The statements on the closure of borders for two years by President Zeman were not very successful, but at that time we did not know, and still do not know how the epidemic will develop.”

Public events
“I can’t even imagine holding a football or other sporting events with the participation of thousands of fans. There will be no major public events, festivals, or concerts, but I’m quite optimistic about holding games without fans.”

“When we look back at the debate on the Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě, where we were massively criticized for its cancellation, no one today doubts that it was an absolutely right decision.”


As of Saturday morning, there were 7,273 total registered cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Friday saw 86 new cases registered in the country, the first increase in day-to-day registered cases this week.

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