Marks & Spencer Temporarily Closing Food Stores in Prague

Marks & Spencer prague closing

The Czech branches of Marks & Spencer are temporarily closing due to Brexit and pandemic.

Marks & Spencer food store in Wenceslas Square is much beloved by British residents of the city for supplying homely delicacies like Breakfast tea, crumpets, sandwiches, and ready meals.

But post-Brexit supply problems are taking their toll, and food stores will close from January 15.

Since the Brexit transition period ended on January 1st businesses transporting goods into EU countries such as France face a raft of new regulations, especially around animal products.

Shelves in the outlet in Wenceslas Square were partially empty on Tuesday with signs attributing missing items to new rules following Britain’s official exit from the European Union at the end of last month.

“With footfall to our five open city centre food halls significantly reduced and customers shopping online with us instead, we have taken the decision to also close these remaining stores during this time from Friday,” a company spokesman said.

The company stated that its “stores in Ireland, France, and the Czech Republic would be the most vulnerable.”

“We are sorry that some of your favorite foods are not available. This situation occurred due to the new UK / EU import legislation. We are working hard to get the missing products back to offer soon.”

The company does not yet know the date of the reopening of grocery stores. The management of the Czech branched is waiting for the development of the epidemic situation in the country.

The Marks & Spencer on Wenceslas Square in Prague is the UK retailer’s largest department store in the Czech Republic. It covers 2,500m2 spread over several floors.

The Food Hall on the top floor includes fresh meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, curries, pasta sauces, sandwiches, cereals, soups, biscuits, snacks, teas, and coffees, plus a range of international wines and Champagnes.

In the Czech Republic, Marks & Spencer has 18 stores and employs some 460 people.

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