Marie Bouzkova: Wimbledon and the Year So Far

The new year has offered an incredible array of battles in Tennis and other sports. It has been a rollercoaster of events where we saw some stars take their game to another level. We’ve had many upsets, hoping to get more as the year progresses. Tennis, like other sports, has been filled with many exciting moments.

We could compare these moments to what we got from the Stanley Cup matchup this year or how the MLB season went. Even experts got some of their MLB predictions wrong because of how unsettling the season was, and it has been the same with Tennis. However, we can’t say it hasn’t been exciting.

The year started crazily with Djokovic unable to defend his title in Australia, and we saw Nadal take the world by storm. Serena Williams also showed us she still got some magic under her coffers. We also saw Barty Ashleigh announce that she would retire from playing tennis professionally.

One of the most sensational characters this year is Marie Bouzkova, the 23-year-old Czech Republican who has been a sensation this year. Even though she hasn’t won any majors, we can see a lot of potential in Bouzkova. How she conquered her health struggles to compete at the highest level was incredible.

With the US Open still to come, let’s look at Bouzkova’s journey through 2022, her struggle with COVID, how she came back to gain new heights at Wimbledon, and our projection. 

The Journey

The new year started on a high for every player and sportsperson. We’re finally getting back to full capacity, and there will be court sides and stadiums filled with people. We would have more people to cheer the stars, and the real atmosphere would be back in the end. Therefore, every player wanted to show that they were up to the task.

So, betting on tennis, soccer, NBA, or MLB picks became more difficult to predict as the players were geared up. We also saw that with Bouzkova, who gave us a show starting from the Australian Open. She was a joy to watch and carried the Czech Republic title with pride. 

Battle With COVID

After the Australian Open and a few Masters tournaments, we were getting prepared to see Bouzkova in another Grand Slam. This time there was hope that she would do better than the last time. However, it was cut short because she tested positive for COVID. Therefore, she had to withdraw from the competition.

It was a devastating blow, and she had to isolate herself. From her story, she was already feeling better after the first five days, but after she got out to work out, it was a struggle, and she came down with a fever. The battle became long and tough. It seemed like she would also miss Wimbledon, but she was back in time for the Nature Valley Great Britain competition.  


The Nature Valley tournament was a good place to start her road back to the court. However, she went out in the Round of 64. In that case, her next stop was Wimbledon. Her first game in the competition was against World No. 8 Danielle Collins, and even though Bouzkova was the underdog, she found a way to make a perfect comeback.

She lost the first round, and it felt like it might be for the Czech Republican, but a turnaround in the second and third rounds changed everything. She went on to win the second, third, and fourth games straight, taking her to her first ever grand slam quarter finals match. 

However, that was the end of the road for Bouzkova in Wimbledon as she faced the No. 2 seeded player in the world, Ons Jabeur. But it was a great feat for the 23-year-old, and we can always expect more. 

Our Projection

We have one more grand slam for the year, and it would be exciting to see how Bouzkova would perform in the competition. The US Open would be her chance to impress and take it further. As a result, we will be keeping an eye on the sensational 23-year-old as she battles veterans in the game.

Aside from that, we would look at how she performs in other competitions. You can also keep an eye on this top tennis star and MLB picks today games to be updated in sports. Other than that, we would expect her to recreate her incredible playing prowess when the US Open event starts.

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