Manifesto Market is Open for Take-Away. Mind Keeping a Horse Length Distance!

Since the beginning of the lockdown when “How are you doing” became a real question and not just an empty conversation opening, Manifesto Market’s creative and innovative side has run at full speed.

Manifesto’s crew was able to bring the market experience that people love – diversity of food choices and tastes – online and to your home or office.

By doing that, Manifesto also helped save a maximum of jobs – today’s mission impossible for businesses in gastronomy. So, dear reader, how are YOU doing today? Do you fancy a walk to enjoy this insanely beautiful spring?

Come to say hi to Manifesto, decorated with cherry blossoms to celebrate this season, and pick what your heart desires from a dozen bistros operating every day.

A few new rules apply – the customers are required to disinfect hands, to keep a horse length distance from other people, and to consume their portions outside of the market – but you won’t regret it. Even a few minutes spent in this environment will cheer you up, and the heroes working in the kitchens will feel energized when they see you while hiding their smiles behind their facemasks.

Our picks include Matteo De Carli’s Ryba je ryba and his brand new concepts Meatballs and Mac & cheese, dirty steaks and degustation dinner from the TV celebrity chef Marek Pavala, beef brisket and pulled pork seasoned to perfection from Dirty Dog, burgers from The Craft, vegan pasta from Flying Pot, hummus, mousse au chocolat and, ta-da, Rolls Bros ice cream!

Photo: Vaclav Miskovsky

Or, do you prefer to practice home staying? We know how busy you are. Manifesto Delivery will bring the same variety of choices to your home, in one swipe.

For family, a group of friends, or a couple who’s ordered food for delivery, the scenario is familiar: Dad wants a burger, mom wants grilled chicken, the kids want pasta. The typical family or couple is forced to compromise and choose one type of food.

With Manifesto bundled delivery available on Uber Eats, you can choose from many restaurants and order with one swipe. Your meals and drinks will be delivered in about 25 minutes, up to 4,5 kilometers from Florenc and by one delivery courier. No delivery fee until April 30th.

Take-away and delivery are the available options at the moment and don’t forget that you can also order draught beer from Vinohradsky pivovar, prosecco, or cocktails to go. At the time of writing, two new experiences are getting close to being launched, offering more freshness and more ready meals options, to make a few more weeks under lockdown more bearable. Easier. Tastier.

Manifesto is, of course, following the government’s recommendations and aims to open the gates later in May for seating.

“We are grateful to our community, we are touched by the messages of support and we thank everyone who orders from our platform. We’re outside, open-air, and we believe Manifesto will provide a safe place for people to get out and socialize, but in a safe open-air environment. To take a deep breath after this heavy nightmare. We’ve already been following enhanced hygiene protocols and taking the temperature of all employees who enter the market. Those measures will continue in the future. Come check for yourselves,” says Martin Barry, whose brainchild Manifesto is

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