Manifesto is Expanding to Prague 5

Prague’s gastronomic concept of Martin Barry’s Manifesto is getting ready to open a new branch on the other side of the Vltava river. This time, water, beer, and Smíchov will be the main focus of the new Manifesto branch.

The second temporary market, which was recently invested in by Jakob Havrlanta’s band Rockaway Capital, will be developed on an empty provisional parking lot next to the Národní Dům building in Smíchov, which under the direction of Torino-Praga Invest, will soon be going under reconstruction.

Manifesto wants to be situated in a local area, to attract the most customers, but even though it’s located right between Újezd and Anděl, it tends to be very empty during the day. The one in Smíchov won’t follow the original container concept from Florenc, which was founded last year with the partnership of Penta, and a street furniture supplier named mmcité. The architecture duo, Ondřej Chybík, and Michal Krištof, have a green oasis with a water surface planned for this market.

The official opening will be released sometime during May by the founders. The main attraction is supposed to be beer. “For the Manifesto in Smíchov, we’re going to create a concept in which the focal point will be beer culture and the art of Czech brewing process, and we will be focused on the highest quality and variety. We’re in negotiation with Pilsner Urquell and we’re interested in their initial tanked beer, and of course, on top of that, we will be offering carefully selected beers from small microbreweries on tap as well”, explains the types of experiences people can expect from the new location, Martin Barry, the initiator of the concept. Classic beer snacks will however not be available there.

The menu’s theme will be international and eclectic, you’ll try foods that are eaten alongside beer all over the world, especially Asia. The newly created space will offer a total of 10 units for food stalls and will again, leave the majority of the area for seating guests, relaxing or dancing. Just like at the Manifesto in Florenc, there are music evenings under the open sky, DJ sets, summer cinemas and other free and accessible cultural activities planned as well.

Once again, the only option for paying will be by card. The Czech Manifesto concept is planning to expand into the world like a proptech brand with the focus of retailing, and gastronomy. “Requests are coming in from all parts of the world – Asia, Europe, and even the Czech Republic, and we are currently considering many options”, explains the spokesperson for Manifesto, Radka Ondrackova.

Author: Veronika Benesova

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