Manifesto Has Prepared to Welcome Guests in Colder Weather with Glamping in the City

Prague’s alfresco food hub Manifesto has set up their unique glamping experience in the heart of the city to reignite the warmth and mood that they designed last autumn.

Manifesto Florenc is transformed to house heated tents and fire pits in order to ensure that visitors stay warm while they enjoy the signature and brand new menus and treats that the market has to offer.

The Soot bar crafted season-specific homemade hot drinks, including mugs of mulled wine and hot spiced sangria, to keep guests warm inside and out during the coming season. Glamping at Manifesto is free but those that hope to secure a tent early can make reservations online via the Manifesto website.

Stay Warm Outside

Visitors that wish to experience glamping at Manifesto have the opportunity to spend their time outside by a fire pit or stay warm in the comfort of the heated and cozy tents. The fire pits are surrounded by comfortable chairs with fur and blankets and equipped with small tables suitable for holding drinks or food that guests may want to enjoy. The heated tents come complete with closable screen entryways to keep the cold out and large wooden tables for guests to gather around for any occasion.

If guests want to make sure that they have a seat around the fire or in a tent, they can reserve them through the Manifesto eshop.

The reservation fee is 150 CZK per seat. Reservations for glamping lounges are also available for 600 CZK per tent or 799 CZK for a special deal including a bottle of prosecco or a jug filled with a hot drink.

Stay Warm Inside

The seasonal experience at Manifesto comes with a carefully balanced new menu of hot non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to ensure that guests stay warm inside during their alfresco dining experience.

Special drinks based on original recipes by the bar manager Alexandros Gavrilidis include the Mandarine gin toddy prepared using the sous-vide technique and Blackcurrant punch. The alcoholic menu also includes drinks that put a hot twist on classic cocktails that visitors enjoy all year round, like hot spiced sangria and hot aperol spritz. The non-alcoholic menu will also feature new drinks like the hot jasmine and ginger mocktail for anyone to enjoy.

Event Highlights

Over the next month, guests can look forward to many exciting events that will be taking place at Manifesto Florenc that can be integrated into their glamping experience. From October 15 –17, pumpkin food and drink specials will be available on the menus to celebrate the changing seasons.

Later in the month, on October 29th, Manifesto will host a special Halloween party, through which guests can expect a night of costumes and spooky activities to enjoy with friends or family. Following this event, Manifest Anděl will be hosting a Día de los Muertos celebration on October 30th to commemorate the traditional, colorful and flavorsome Mexican holiday.

Pre-Christmas markets are back

On November 24, Manifesto’s alternative twist on the traditional Christmas markets will be back at both locations. Program details will be disclosed later.

Manifesto is currently opening spots to small manufacturers and sellers of crafts and goods produced responsibly and with special attention to sustainable lifestyle. Anyone interested should contact or fill the form.


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