Manifesto Gets Ready to Welcome Guests for Outdoor Dining in Both Locations

As the country plans to ease lockdown measures, Manifesto is optimistic about the upcoming weeks and is preparing the markets for a full reopening.

“Manifesto Florenc didn’t interrupt operations during the lockdown, but being able to see guests at our tables will be a much different experience. We missed daily direct contact with our community so badly. We have big news for Smichov’s residents: they can already plan outings with their friends to Manifesto Smichov’s beer garden that will reopen after a 9-month unwanted pause,” Martin Barry, Founder and CEO of Manifesto, discloses his nearest plans.

Seven new restaurants

“Nothing will be as before. Everything will feel like the first time”. That is the message of the campaign Manifesto is launching to mark its reopening. 

Seven restaurants opened in Manifesto since March 2021, bringing foodies on a gastronomic trip around Japan, India, Caucasian regions, Hawaii, Spain, Italy and Vienna. The list of new concepts includes Antricote Authentic Caucasian Grill, Avenida Bar La Tapa, NAPOKĒ, Rang De Basanti, Schnitzel King and Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine. The long-time favorite chefs from Ryba je ryba, Dirty Dog Barbeque, The Craft Burger Spot, Faency Fries and Minie’s won’t be missing.

Their traditional recipes and some of the most original twists on popular meals can be ordered via Bolt Food, Wolt and Dáme jídlo platforms as a takeaway and soon enjoyed in the market.

Manifesto Smichov to reopen

Visitors will be able to make the most of the spring weather at Manifesto Smichov. “We have decided to reopen our beer garden, a concept that locals love, with an offer of grilled meals and bar food. People desire to get together after such a long isolation, to talk about those liquid times we live in and cheer up. We will reopen Smichov for visitors daily at 3 pm, and Friday to Sunday from 11 to 10 pm,” comments Florian Horn, Market Manager.

Meet New Restaurants

Antricote Authentic Caucasian Grill

This cuisine is inspired by the Caucasus, a region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, shared by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. In Caucasia, grilling meat has become an art. This kitchen offers a variety of meat or vegetables on skewers slowly cooked on charcoal alongside homemade fresh Tendir, an authentic Mangal salad, and Ajika sauce. The meals are paired with drinks such as Kompot, traditional Georgian wines and sodas.

Avenida Bar La Tapa

After successfully running the Sabor Mediterraneo restaurant, Avenida brings a good piece of spirited Spanish gastronomic culture to Manifesto, offering a large selection of authentic Spanish tapas, pinchos, montaditos and Iberian meat grilled on charcoal. Every week, they import fresh cold cuts, cheese, dried hams and olives of the highest quality directly from Spain, as well as wines from their partner winery José L. Ferrer from Binisalem (Mallorca), wines from the Rias Baixas, Rueda and Rioja regions.


Poké is an absolutely fascinating dish from Hawaii, it is healthy but also tasty. It’s a whirlwind of flavors and fireworks of colors. After touring and killing it at food festivals and various catering events, Napoke opened a location at Prague’s Vinohrady district before joining Manifesto. This crew loves to experiment, which they’ve proven by launching a special Brussels Mussels edition of poké this spring.

Rang De Basanti

Founded in 2014, Rang De Basanti offers authentic Indian cuisine prepared by Indian chefs. They prepare traditional dishes like tandoori, curry, biryani, tikka masala or great Indian naan grilled in a Tandoor oven. This extremely diverse and tasteful cuisine will delight lovers of spicy and sweet dishes.

Schnitzel King

A street food concept originally from Vienna, Austria, that focuses on the preparation of schnitzels both in the classic form and many of their own original variants. They use fresh, local ingredients and meat from Czech farms. It is served with mashed potatoes or viennese potato salad.


“Těstovina” was founded by chef Nick Pelikan and architect Radek Vanac and the brand name means pasta in Czech. They use the traditional process for making pasta, and also insist on a sleek design of their bistro, where they offer space to exhibit artworks by local artists. Their own pasta recipe is made with Italian semolina flour of the highest quality. How does it work? The customers can combine their preferred pasta and sauce, and their meal is ready in a few minutes. The sauces and pasta are also available for takeaway for fast preparation at home.

Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine

This concept celebrates the flavors, textures, and colors of Japanese cuisine in which each ingredient is carefully selected and kept in harmony with its own individual flavor. A traditional Japanese diet has a high fiber content and is low in calories and cholesterol. Rice is the main starch and is present in almost every Japanese meal. Udon and soba noodles, hot or cold, with many different types of accompaniments and dressings are an important staple. Fish, soya bean products, seaweeds, vegetables, and fruits are an ever-present force.

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