Visit Manifesto Florenc Before December 31! In 2022, It Will Have a New Location

“We have an announcement to share with our closest community. For over three years, you’ve been asking how long Manifesto will stay at the Florenc location.”

“The more that cranes grew around our market, the more you asked, and now we can finally answer. You can enjoy the last weeks and days of Manifesto Florenc until December 31st, 2021.”

This is what the official Manifesto states on its official website.

The news comes as construction of the Masarycka building enters level three – set to be completed by 2023. 

The new location in Prague’s Andel district remains regularly open. Costumers can choose among thirteen kitchens, two large bars, and a capacity of up to 500 seats.

Manifesto was first opened in 2018 in Prague, founded by landscape architect and entrepreneur Martin Barry. 

So far, it has turned three neglected urban spaces into popular meeting places.

Manifesto is the first cashless zone in the Czech Republic. The brand is focused on preparing unique gastronomic and cultural experiences in temporary and permanent projects, while especially thinking about future expansion abroad.

Manifesto won the Mastercard Merchant of the Year 2018 award for best customer experience, the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2020 title, given to companies in the top 10% of the ratings, and was a finalist for Hamburg’s Internorga Future Award 2021 for outstanding efforts to promote operational sustainability.

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