Manifesto Delivery: Up To 15 Restaurants in One Order

All for one, one for all. No longer do our customers have to make any compromises and fight with their family about whether they want a steak, burgers, pasta, or pancakes. Manifesto Florenc is open daily for takeaway, with up to 15 restaurants and ghost kitchens virtually open for orders via Dame jidlo’s platform.

What are the delicacies you can combine in one order and get them delivered to your home in one bag, with one courier?

First, don’t miss the 3-in-1 specials, which are cost-saving combinations that include an attractive main course with a side dish and a drink.

You can also include a soup! Our tips include Dirty Dog BBQ’s signature Pulled pork, served with coleslaw, pickles, and BBQ sauce in a bun, a side of Mac & cheese, and homemade iced tea on top. Or what about a risotto of your choice followed up with a classic sweet waffle for a dessert? Our third tip is beef broth with noodles & corn-fed chicken with flatbread on the side and homemade iced tea.

If bar life is what you miss the most, Manifesto has you covered. You can now order four delicious cocktails, bottled and ready to be poured over ice. Let’s be honest – Manifesto’s cute illustrated labels are worth starting a collection. You can also order draft beer from Pilsner Urquell in 2l bottles or a 1l IPA from Vinohradsky pivovar.

Among our special flavors of the season, try a pumpkin spiced latté from Minie’s, deer ragout by Flying Pot, potato cod soup from Matteo De Carli’s Ryba je Ryba, or an irresistible butternut soup from L’Atelier. PokéHaus has shifted into winter gear and now serving delicious ramens. Finally, you can’t go wrong by ordering from two brand new labels – Lord of the Wings and Sausage party – to accompany your home movie nights.

Ordering food from local restaurants supports those employed to keep their jobs and overcome this difficult period of time. It’s a message of support sent to the neighborhood. And Manifesto will send hugs and kind words back – right now, you might find a surprise serving of vitamins wrapped in a hand-written poem in your bag. Stay safe and remember: One for all, all for one.

Order on Dáme jídlo.

Photo: Manifesto Market
Photo: Manifesto Market

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