Man Walking in Prague With Jar of Nuts, It Was Full of Meth

Over the weekend, police stopped a man in Prague 10 who violated a night curfew.

Later on, they found out he had a container with the word ořechy (nuts) in his bag, but instead of dried fruit, he had several hundred grams of meth inside.

The police patrol spotted the suspicious man in Granátnická Street (Prague-Štěrboholy) just before three o’clock in the morning.

“They asked him why he was not respecting the night curfew restriction,” said police spokesman Jan Daněk.

A few minutes later, police found a plastic jar in his bag, but the contents had nothing to do with nuts. Inside police officers found 358 grams of meth with a purity of 77 percent.

“The man still tried to dump the jar full of drugs, but the police prevented it. The 36-year-old man ended up in the police station,” Daněk added.

He can now face up to ten years in prison for illicit handling of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

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