Man Shot and Killed After Stabbing Two Women in Prague

A 34-year-old man has been shot and killed by police officers after he stabbed two women on Novodvorská Street (Prague 4) on Saturday evening.

“The perpetrator stabbed two women. Police officers and law enforcement agents were searching for the man and law enforcement agents, including a firearm, had to be used,” said police spokesman Richard Hrdina.

Police officers shot the man while he was fleeing in the street. They began to resuscitate him and were replaced by paramedics. However, according to the spokeswoman Jana Poštová, the man died.

“Paramedics at the scene took care of two women with stab wounds. One suffered serious injuries, was put into artificial sleep and taken to traumatology at Motol hospital. The second woman suffered minor injuries and was taken by paramedics to Thomayer Hospital,” Poštová added.



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