Makro Czech Gastro Fest: 3 Days of Food and Gastronomic Stars

On May 4- 6, the Czech gastronomy will witness a new chapter.

The Makro Czech Gastro Fest will take place in Prague’s O2 universe, and it is the most massive event of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The event aims to take Czech gastronomy to new heights of excellence. The O2 universe’s four floors will host the national round of the prestigious cooking competition, Bocuse d’Or, expert congresses on current gastronomic topics, and much more.

The event will also feature cooking and bartending shows, new food tastings, pop-up restaurants, institutional catering sections, and a fresh market.

Makro ČR wholesale company, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary of entering the domestic market, will organize the Makro Czech Gastro Fest festival, together with the Czech Gastronomic Institute.

The first two days are intended for professionals from the gastronomy sector, while the third day is open to all food enthusiasts.

On the last day, there will be an announcement of the winner of the national round of the Bocuse d’Or competition, who will then compete in the European round in Trondheim in 2024.

The congresses during the festival aim to promote and acknowledge traditional domestic crops in Czech food culture.

For the full festival programme, bonus information and ticket sales for the event, visit

Through this event, visitors will get insightful information on the latest trends, practical recommendations on how to save time and costs, or proven cooking tips.

Renowned personalities of the domestic gastronomy scene will share their valuable professional experience, including Patrik Jaroš, the youngest Michelin-starred chef, Zdeněk Pohlreich, chef, and owner of Café Imperial, Klára Kollárová, the national sommelier of the Czech Republic, and Miluše Makó, the chef at Green Table Prague.

This event is an opportunity to experience the diverse and delicious Czech culinary culture and learn all about the latest breakthroughs in the gastronomic industry.


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