Make the Most of Meeting Employers at the Jobspin Job Fair

Jobspin Virtual job Fair 2021

Check out our tips on prepping for a virtual career fair, and then get to know the world’s top employers, seeking to hire talented individuals at the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair on May 11th-13th.

Jobspin Virtual job Fair 2021 is a great place for those looking for employment in the Czech Republic.

At the Jobspin Virtual Fair, English-speaking expat job seekers can easily interact with potential employers in one-on-one chat and video conversations and prove themselves as excellent candidates without any additional time and cost. 

However, if you are attending an online career fair for the first time, you may have a few questions. How should you prepare? And what should you do to win employers over through the screen?

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, don’t worry! As an expert in job fairs, Jobspin has prepared a few tips on how you can land a job to match your career goals, skills and personality at the virtual job fair. Let’s get started!

Appearances still matter, even at online events. If you are going to have a one-on-one video chat with a company representative, make sure that your appearance – and your background! – are appropriate to the situation.

It’s also always a good idea to have your CV at hand. Of course, as the fair is virtual there is no need for a paper version, but make sure you have your CV up-to-date and formatted, ready to be sent whenever requested.

Jobspin Virtual job Fair 2021

Two more very important things to consider are being on time and staying active at the virtual sessions. By being punctual, listening carefully and asking questions, you can demonstrate both your responsible attitude and your interest in the company, which can get you noticed by company recruiters.

Last but not least, it is important to get to know the companies attending beforehand. This gives you an essential insight into which companies match your career goals, and helps you write questions to ask the recruiters.

You can learn more about the English-friendly Job Fair in the Czech Republic on May 11th-13th on the official website of Jobspin. Access to the fair is free of charge for those who fill in the registration form here. The job fair program is available here.

AB InBev and Genpact are the main partners of Jobspin Virtual Fair 2021.


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