Make Amazing Travel Videos Of Your Family Trips

You are all set for your next family trip and to create some of the greatest memories. Of course, you will be filming a lot of photo and video content.

Armed with that selfie-stick, you might capture some of the best moments of your vacation – those stunning sunsets and the beautiful expressions on your kids’ faces.

Whether you are going to a beach or a mountain is not important. No matter where you go, filming your family trip is always a great idea. But you also have to work on making it look professional and exciting. 

Are you ready to do that? If not, the tricks and tips below will surely help you turn those memories into amazing movies.

Get a Good Quality Camera

It’s great to use the camera on your phone for recording your family trip. And if it’s the latest iPhone that you are using, things will look even better. However, if you are not using a great smartphone with good camera features, it is better to record your family trip using a DSLR or Full HD camcorder.

If you do not have the budget for such expensive tools, you can still use the camera on your phone. But make sure to use an excellent online video editor to edit your video to perfection.

If your budget supports it, you can even get a drone to record underwater life, snorkeling, and diving shots that you can then marvel at all your life.

Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

You don’t need to have good video editing skills. If the thought of using or learning how to use a video editor scares you, fret not. You can use a professional online video editor tool with intuitive interface that can cater to your specific skill level and requirements.

Look for video editing platforms that boast of their ease of use and the ones that come with templates. These will help you make good-quality clips in minutes with templates you can easily customize.

Also, make sure your online video editor has several features that will make your video pop. For example, leverage the ability to add text overlays and titles throughout the video, play with variable speed, slow down specific parts of the video, and even freeze-frame for a dramatic effect.

Your video editor should also give you the scope of playing with filters and colors. Always ensure you use a versatile video editing tool if you want more precision, power, and control over your editing efforts.

Record with the Viewers in Mind

It might be tempting to shoot just about anything that strikes your fancy during the journey. But just because you have a camera in your hand does not mean you can film everything. So be strategic about everything you shoot.

Have your target audience in mind right from the moment you start recording your video. This will help hone whatever you record and guide you to get the best footage. 

Understand the Thin Line Between Shooting and Overshooting

There’s no use trying to catch every moment of the vacation. In doing so, you might risk forgetting the main objective behind shooting a family trip. Try to have as much fun as possible and enjoy your downtime.

Controlling the shots you record will help you see everything through your own eyes instead of the camera lens. Another reason to manage your footage is that you will have fewer clips to edit at the end of the process.

For experienced video editing tool users, 20 hours of visual content will not be a significant problem. But for the ones who are just starting with video editing, it might take a huge time to structure and edit all those hours of footage.

So, it makes sense to concentrate on the most happening and exciting moments. Just choose the shots you would like to see in the final video. Also, choose the best hours of the day, like the sunset or early morning, for filming beautiful shots.

Make Your Video About Real People and Not Just Places

Of course, your video should have those stunning shots of famous monuments and the sunset and sunrise. But, the presence of people also matters in your video. This is important because audiences can easily Google online videos or images of the places they visited, but they will hardly know the local people.

Not just the local people, but you can even include your kids and your partner in your video. What about interviewing your children and partner like a reporter and presenting their viewpoints and experiences in the form of a video? That will be interesting to watch for the viewers of your travel video.

Consider the Story You Want to Narrate

Your family vacation video should have a cinematic effect and a dramatic look. And to achieve this, you must think about the story you are looking to narrate. So start with why you have chosen the destination for your family vacation.

Plan your vacation itinerary as well as you can, but do not get excessively overwhelmed with the idea of seeing everything. This can spoil your video because of your busy travel schedules and your tiredness.

Another thing to note is how a good quality video maker can help you create a video that appears like a narrative. In addition, the video-making tool will help you include different shots like artistic clips and video selfies to add more variety to your video.

It will also help you tailor unconventional shots that will further let you incorporate more components into your video to better represent your family trip. You can shoot your video from varied angles to make it even more interesting.

Focus on Sound

Music is an essential part of your video, and this is especially the case when you are making a family travel video. Sounds of the crowds buzzing by, background noises, and other forms of noise pollution can disturb what your partner and children are saying or what you are trying to depict.

To exclude annoying background noises from your video, use an external microphone. Also, try overlaying your narration wherever possible.

The Bottom Line

When making your family travel video, you must work religiously to get as creative as you can. Do not cut corners from experimenting to your heart’s content. Film emotions of all kinds while enjoying the trip at the same time.

Happy journey!

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