A Multimedia Walk in a Million Lights – Lumina Park Opens in Prague

The Illumination Park is an amazing winter attraction – a multimedia walk in a fairy-tale land created by light and sound.

These types of attractions have been known in American botanical gardens for years. Now they are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

Located near the Džbán swimming pool in Prague’s Šárecké údolí, you can visit a unique light attraction called Lumina Park.

It is a 1.5-kilometer-long light trail full of illuminated and sound sculptures based on the motifs of Alice in Wonderland.

Many light attractions await visitors, including a red bus, colorful balloons, bicycles, magic mushrooms, stars and birds, which are exciting scenery for unique shots.

The trail consists of 18 stations, built of 20,000 light points and 20 km of electrical installations, for which 120 floodlights were used.

“Lumina Park is built on energy-efficient LED technology and meets all energy standards. Its daily consumption is 45 kWh, which is comparable to about two pizza ovens. At the same time, it has an attraction that produces its own energy, said ” Karolína Steinerová from Baloo & Groot, the communications studio for Lumina Park.

Standard ticket is CZK 220 on weekdays and CZK 250 on weekends. Lumina park also offers several types of discounted tickets or free entry for children’s homes.

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