Lucerna Palace Roof Opens to the Public: Views, Picnics, and More!

lucerna rooftop

From the viewpoint, visitors can see the statue of Jan Žižka, Karlín, Žižkov, Petřín, Hradčany, the National Museum, Letenské sady, Masarykovo nádraží, Florenc, etc. 

After the reconstruction, the National Agricultural Museum (NZM) opened its roof for the summer. People can climb the stairs to the green roof garden and take the elevator. It offers a unique view of Prague, a picnic lawn where you can go through a bosque, a flower show. 

“We also have beehive hives and space for panel exposition. The Czech Nature Photo exhibition is currently on display,” says Lenka Martinková from NZM. Children enjoy themselves by watching trains departing from the tunnel near the main station.

From the end of August, the roof of the Lucerna Palace will open for viewing. The rooftop will include Café Ondřej Kobza, film showings, and people will be able to host home-based lectures, as well as dawn or yoga concerts accompanied by Bach’s cello music.

The well-known Prague café also plans to build a community garden. “There’s a great thirty-six-degree view across Prague. From August 28 to open the roof for two weeks in a row, then we should be open regularly every Sunday,” says Kobza.

The view from Malá Strana roofs combined with top cuisine attracts Prague and foreign gourmets to the Coda Restaurant on the roof of Hotel Aria and the nearby Terasa U Zlaté studně. The Dancing Terrace’s terrace is also interesting to visit. In the center of the city, you can also enjoy beer and grilled specialties on the T-anker sun terrace on the roof of the Kotva department store, which also includes a children’s corner.

The Prague Rooftop Festival also has DJs and refreshments on the roof of the Intercontinental Hotel on the Vltava Riverbank or in the Novotel Hotel at Wenceslas Square. In the summer you can also enjoy theater performances on the roof of the Harfa Department Store.

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