Looking Back at Czech Republic’s 2006 World Cup

As all you football fans out there know, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is currently underway in Qatar. The international tournament takes place every four years, and is the absolute pinnacle of the sport, with 32 nations fighting it out to take home the coveted trophy.

The winners last time were France, who wowed spectators with their pacy attacking play, which powered them to victory in Russia 2018. There have been plenty of twists and turns already in this tournament, and that’s why it’s always such great entertainment for millions of people around the world.

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Rather annoyingly, Czechia aren’t taking part in Qatar, as we lost in a play-off qualifying match against Sweden earlier in the year. However, as there’s so much World Cup fever swirling around at the moment, we thought what better time to take a look back at when we did last compete in the tournament, which was sixteen years ago. That’s because as well as our national team have done in regularly qualifying for the Euros international tournament, we’ve actually only qualified for the World Cup once, which happened back in 2006.

The 2006 edition took place in Germany, with it being the second time that the large European powerhouse had hosted the competition, after they were first granted it back in 1974. Czech Republic were drawn into Group E, where we faced off against Italy, Ghana and the United States. It was definitely a tricky group of teams, with Italy being then three times World Cup winners, Ghana being one of the strongest African sides and the United States having an exciting young squad.

The Czech squad at that time was full of quality too though, with it being stacked with talented players. Between the sticks there was Petr Cech, who was cementing himself as the greatest goalkeeper in the world, with his standout performances for Premier League team Chelsea.

In midfield there was veteran Karel Poborsky, along with Thomas Rosicky and the legendary Pavel Nedved who turned 50 earlier in the year. Then upfront, was the striker Milan Baros, who is amazingly still currently playing football at the age of 41, for the amateur side FK Vigantice.

With all these outstanding players in the squad, the hopes were extremely high going into the tournament, and things got off to a dream start. It was the United States up first, and the Czech side didn’t show any nerves in their first ever World Cup match, winning 3-0.

The breakthrough came from the towering striker Jan Koller, who headed in the Czech Republic’s first ever World Cup goal, just five minutes in. Rosicky then smashed home a long-range effort ten minutes before half-time, and then capped things off by getting his second late in the second-half.

Unfortunately, that first fixture proved to be the highlight of the tournament for our nation, as the Czech team went on to lose their remaining two games, succumbing to a 2-0 defeat against both Ghana, and then Italy.

It was made even more frustrating, by the fact that we had a player sent off in both matches. This resulted in us finishing third in the group, and ensued that we would not be making it to the knockout rounds of the competition. It was definitely a bitter blow for a squad that had so much potential in its ranks.

Looking to the future though, the next edition of the World Cup is less than four years away, with it due to take place in the United States, Canada and Mexico, in the summer of 2026. Plus, the competition is being extended from 32 countries to a massive 48, meaning that we’ll have a much stronger chance of qualifying going forward. They were going to change how many teams were going to be in each group, but because of the thrilling action during this year’s, FIFA are reportedly going to abandon their controversial ‘group of 3’ format. Fingers crossed whatever format the groups are in, Czechia will be in one of them.

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