Longest Suspension Bridge in the World Will Soon be Opened in the Czech Republic

Did you know that the world’s longest suspension bridge will soon be completed in the Czech Republic?

The suspension bridge is being built in the mountain resort of Dolní Morava in the northeast of the Czech Republic. Hikers will step on the bridge at an altitude of 1,125 metres.

The bridge will span the valley of Mlýnský Potok, connecting the opposite ridges of Slamník and Chlum

After crossing the valley, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the local nature and history. In collaboration with local authorities, the municipality of Dolní Morava and the Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications, have created an educational trail called the Bridge of Time with elements of augmented reality.

The total construction will weight over 400 tonnes and the main rope will have over seven centimetres in diameter.

The longest suspension bridge in the world is currently located near the Portuguese town of Arouca. It measures 516 meters in length and its height above the ground reaches up to 176 meters.

longest suspension bridge Moravia

longest suspension bridge Moravia

Dolni Morava is already a tourist attraction thanks to its Sky Walk. Erected in 2015, it’s a wooden structure 55 metres above the ground that will take you beyond the tree tops and even higher.

Standing some 1116 metres above sea level, its top section commands a beautiful view of the Králický Sněžník massif as well as the valley of the River Morava.

The Sky Walk is open all year round, but please check in advance that it is actually open, because it may be shut due to unfavourable weather conditions.

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