Live in the Czech Republic and Study Czech at Charles University

At the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University (ILPS CU) you can study Czech in the very heart of Prague, near the National Theater.

It doesn’t matter whether you speak Czech well or have never heard this melodious and harsh, logical, and unpredictable language before. ILPS CU has open groups for all levels – from beginners to C1.

You will achieve the fastest result possible in the intensive courses, as students study for five hours every day. You can study the Czech language for 6 weeks, one semester, or two semesters, i.e. 10 months.

If your job or business takes up almost all of your time, then a non-intensive evening course is an excellent solution for this situation. And in case you exist in a very special relationship to time, they will organize individual lessons for you.

Each of our courses is based on three cornerstones:

  1. The highest level professionals who have many years of experience in teaching foreigners. Their level is evidenced by the fact that they not only teach foreigners, but also other Czech language teachers who undergo advanced training at our Institute.
  2. Immersion in the culture and history of the Czech Republic. There are cultural events or excursions for students every Wednesday. During the semester, together with the teachers, students manage to organize a reporting concert and stage a play for the student theater. In the writers club, an almanac of student works appears every semester. And all of this is in Czech.
  3. You can join ILPS CU throughout the whole year. 

For more information: +420 224 090 311 or visit the institute at Voršilská 1, Prague 1.

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