Lime Scooters Will Become Even More Prominent in Prague

The American start-up Lime has established a partnership with marketing and PR agency FYI Prague. FYI Prague will provide local printing, manage relationships with journalists and participate in the implementation of communication strategies for the brand. The agency won the tender.

“Any media outlet that wants to deal with the phenomenon of micro-mobility and its expansion into the Czech Republic can turn to us. Currently, we are working on creating a real-time link between Prague and the company’s headquarters in San Mateo, California” Says Jan Řezáč of FYI Prague. “As for media communications, we can also rely on the local representative of the company, operations manager Ondřej Široký.”

For Lime, Prague was the first city of their expansion into the V4 countries. Prague is considered an important partner because the city has its own strong vision for the future of shared mobility. In the context of fine-tuning operating conditions, negotiations are currently taking place with individual city sectors and specific conditions of service are being negotiated.

Author: Holly Webb

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