Life Returns to Náplavka!

Lidia T.

What will be behind the round windows on the Prague riverside? Twenty wall cubicles will contain galleries, studios, and cafés.

The Open Day shows visitors the repaired areas, in a provisional regime though, as the renewed dungeons opened to the public yesterday and today (October 24th).

They should start regular service in November, as the full procedure is not possible yet due to an unfinished occupancy permit process. After completing the occupancy permit process and moving to regular services, these new facilities will quickly host their visitors and survive the flood in the upcoming winter.

The organizers have also prepared guided tours or a boat ride between the two riverbanks. On both embankments, there should now be three galleries, three studios, three toilets, two workshops or a branch of the Municipal Library. The rest will be filled with cafes.

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Tenants and operators of individual cubicles will show their future functioning. They are modernly equipped for the flood season the whole year. Their most distinctive element is the circular glass, which acts as a revolving door. The movement is controlled by the sensors and motor so that it opens and closes quickly and prevents collisions with visitors.

Photo: Lidia T. for Prague Morning
Photo: Lidia T. for Prague Morning
Photo: Lidia T. for Prague Morning
Photo: Lidia T. for Prague Morning
Photo: Lidia T. for Prague Morning
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