Liechtenstein Demands Land From Czech Republic

The Liechtenstein authorities sent a complaint to the ECHR demanding the return of the land confiscated by the Czech Republic at the end of World War II, RG reported referring to the Financial Times.

There are disagreements between the two countries over the confiscation of the property of the Liechtenstein family, primarily in Moravia.

Based on the Benes decrees, the princes of Liechtenstein were declared collaborators of the Nazi regime.

According to Liechtenstein Foreign Minister Katrin Eggenberger, the illegal application of Czechoslovak decrees and the consequences remain an unresolved issue.

For his part, Deputy FM of the Czech Republic Martin Smolek noted that the case should not be sent to the ECHR, since the court does not consider issues that arose before the adoption of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Liechtenstein disputes the sovereignty of the Czech Republic over a territory of over two thousand square km, which is over ten times the current territory of the principality.

These lands include – among other things – the Baroque residence of Valtice and the neo-Gothic Lednice castle, included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.




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