Libeňský Bridge to be Revitalized, With Shops and Skate Park Built Beneath It

Autor: Ateliér BridgeStructures/Vizualizace DousekZáborský

The capital city will start repairing the Libeň bridge this year. It is to become not only an important traffic artery connecting Holešovice and Palmovka, but also a place of recreation.

A cafe and a skatepark will be created under the arched bridge. During repairs, pedestrians and cyclists will have to cross the river via a temporary footbridge, and public transport will be brought to the bridge from both sides.

“We are looking for every opportunity to dust off the outdated beauty of the Cubist construction of the architect Pavel Janák and its
surroundings,” said Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr regarding the new look of the Libeň Bridge, which has never been repaired. Therefore, according to him, the city will retain the most valuable part of the bridge from 1928 – the arch structure.

“The arch constructions will connect the new bridge constructions based on Janák’s sketches, currently designed in detail in terms of layout and shape. Thanks to these bridges, the level of the Vltava in Karlín will drop by several tens of centimeters during a flood. We will supplement the new bridges with barrier-free ramps to Rohanský ostrov, which will become a beautiful park in the future,” the deputy explained the future form of the connection between Prague 7 and 8.

The reconstruction of the bridge will cost about 2.18 billion crowns, and will then attract the people of Prague with new places to relax and spend their free time. The spaces under the beam structures and historical arches will offer cafes, shops and other services.

Access to the water and a skatepark will also be built.

“Currently, design work and preparatory work are underway in the field, so that the two-year reconstruction will start in 2024,” said the deputy.

The current appearance of the Libeň bridge and its surroundings on the visualizations is an update of the original study following comments made in the procurement procedure and the affected land owners.

The use of non-residential spaces and public spaces was refined.


Autor: Ateliér BridgeStructures/Vizualizace DousekZáborský


Autor: Ateliér BridgeStructures/Vizualizace DousekZáborský


Autor: Ateliér BridgeStructures/Vizualizace DousekZáborský


Autor: Ateliér BridgeStructures/Vizualizace DousekZáborský
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