Lex Ukraine: New Laws for Integration of Ukrainian Refugees Explained

The Czech government has approved a package of three laws that focus on the fastest and smoothest possible registration of refugees, their integration into the work process, the provision of insurance and the admission of children to schools.

We have prepared a quick overview in English and Ukrainian, covering the main areas of the new law passed in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war conflict.

Visa and health insurance: 

  • Ukrainians who register in the Czech Republic can receive a special visa for one year and their health insurance will be covered by the state.

Free access to the labour market: 

  • Ukrainian citizens who have obtained a special visa after February 24 can work in the Czech Republic without a work permit and are entitled to unemployment benefits.

Financial support: 

  • Humanitarian aid of CZK 5,000 is available for holders of special visas. The financial support should be used primarily to cover basic living needs and it will be distributed by the regional branches of the Labor Office.


  • Capacities of schools are being increased so that they can accept new Ukrainian children without restrictions.
  • High school students will have until April 5 to apply for courses with Maturita and until April 8 for courses without Maturita.
  • The new law allows Ukrainian students to replace the documents required for admission with an affidavit.
  • Secondary schools, conservatories and higher vocational schools also extend the deadline for applications and extend the time for entrance exams for students from Ukraine, and provide a possibility of taking the mathematics exam in Ukrainian or English.

Social support: 

  • Parents from Ukraine can place their children in playgroups or kindergartens.
  • Refugees with disabilities or the elderly can use social services free of charge.
  • Foreigners with special visas can work in a children’s group and social services. They would have to prove the necessary education or experience with an affidavit.

Accommodation benefits for households: 

  • A so-called “solidarity allowance” will be paid to people who are accommodating refugees from Ukraine for free. The financial support amounts to CZK 1,000 per foreigner, for a maximum of 5 accommodated persons per calendar month per apartment.

Accommodation benefits for regions: 

  • The Czech government also approved a financial benefit for the regions.
  • In the case of accommodation in temporary emergency shelters (short-term accommodation, for example in gyms), it will be CZK 200 per person per night (including meals).
  • If the regions provide accommodation in their recreational facilities or hostels, the compensation will be CZK 200 per person per night (without meals).
  • In the case of private guesthouses or hotels, they will be paid CZK 250 per person per night.
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