Let’s Support Them! How to Help Pubs, Companies and Healthcare Staff

Like other European states, the Czech government has announced a considerable financial stimulus package to help businesses during the crisis, but other several private projects appeared online in the last few weeks.

The following list refers to ‘save projects’ which go beyond the regional level and thus have a wider impact.

Save the beer
The online platform Zachraň Pivo (Save beer) aims to help 307 small breweries throughout the Czech Republic unload surplus beer. At the moment, there are 9 559 530 half-liter glasses of craft beer sitting in tanks.

How does it work? Visit the website and the map will help you to locate your nearest brewery and make an online order for collection.

Save the food
“We are a bunch of gastronomic enthusiasts from Ostrava and Prague who want to help restaurants in these difficult times. Almost without sleep, food, and sex, we programmed a restaurant aggregator and an ordering portal in one website: Jidloo.cz. It’s basically a Heureka in the gastro industry,” says one of the founders.

You can place your order without having to pay a commission for the delivery. Users can contact directly the restaurant by e-mail, or via the app. Currently, there are more than 2000 restaurants.

Save hotels
Save the Hotel” initiative provides free accommodation for medical and rescue personnel. They can thus obtain emergency accommodation at a time when they cannot live with their family due to the risk of transmitting the disease.

You can also choose your favorite hotel, buy a voucher and use it when the coronavirus pandemic is over!

Save the pub
The platform zachranhospodu.cz brings together almost two thousand pubs. The website allows the purchase of food vouchers which can be used after the businesses reopen. People can choose a specific pub or restaurant and the value of the voucher.

Save the job
Do you have employees for whom you temporarily do not have jobs? Do you currently lack employees?

The Czech Chamber of Commerce integrated and created the project zachranpraci.cz that offers the companies to “share” their production capacities. The electronic platform of the “job exchange” is being provided to the Chamber by the company Jurent CZ which has longtime experience with the labour sharing.

For more info: 800 222 121 or e-mail zeleny@komora.cz

Save small business owners
Crowdfunding platform Hithit.cz launched the program Hithit Antivir for small business owners. Craftsmen and other small entrepreneurs can reach out to potential supporters and ask them to deposit a required amount, with a minimum target of CZK 5,000.


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