Let’s Enjoy the Winter! Join This Day Trip to Mount Sněžka and Mumlava Falls

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What to do if proper snowfall in Prague is not expected?  To go where there is plenty of snow – to the highest mountain of the Czech Republic – Sněžka.

This day trip is part of the original Day Trips series – Discovering Czechia, launched by Jumages Travel.

Day Trips will take place on weekends and will show you hidden gems in the coutry – abandoned castles, the world’s most haunted churches, rock cities, mysterious power places.

These trips are especially suggested for those who just moved here, want to find friends, and look for socializing.

One of the symbols of the Czech Republic and the highest Czech mountain, mount Sněžka rises up from the long ridges of the Krkonoše Mountains. It’s unique with low temperatures in winter and almost polar climate – you’ll see not only the amazing landscapes but even frozen cars and houses.

There are several buildings on the top:
– a meteorological station reminiscent of a spaceship,
– a round wooden chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence,
– and also the Czech Post building. Make your family happy by sending them a postcard with an original stamp!

On the way to Sněžka, you‘ll also visit picturesque Mumlava falls. This unique waterfall is 10 meters tall and 10 meters wide.

Carved out of a single piece of granite by rushing water. In winter, it is completely frozen over, but you can still hear the water rushing down under the ice.

Practical information:

The price of CZK 1090 includes:
– comfortable bus
– English speaking guide during the entire day
– sweet treatment (for morning coffee)
– friendly atmosphere.

Booking and requests via Direct messages on the Facebook page

Link to the event here

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