Mozart Hotel to Take Part in Lennon’s Wall Transformation

Prague’s Lennon Wall on Velkopřevorské náměstí is one of the most visited monuments in the capital.

Over the years, the colourfully painted wall behind which an enchanted garden is hidden has become a symbol of freedom, peaceful resistance to the communist regime, a bulletin board for love poems and a kind of symbolic tombstone a memorial of love for John Lennon.

More recently, it has served primarily as a canvas for professional and amateur artists worldwide.

On September 7, 27 artists (each representing an EU country) and two special guests from Norway and Ukraine will gather in front of the Wall of Freedom & Energy.

In the spirit of “United in Diversity”, they will transform Lennon’s wall beyond recognition in one day. Together they will create a “painting” of an impressive size of 35 x 5 metres, which will symbolise the alliance of the European nations of which the Czech Republic currently holds the presidency.

As a tribute to France, the country that held the EU presidency in the first half of the year, the work will then be photographed and printed at a scale of 1:1 on a 2-metre thick inflatable wall and sent to Strasbourg, Paris and Brussels (from October 3 – 9 2022).

The author and curator of the project is Pavel Št’astný, an artist and, among other things, the author of the Civic Forum logo, who has already looked after a new look of the Lennon Wall twice.

The Mozart Prague Hotel has a rich history of supporting artists for centuries. Therefore, the hotel is a proud partner of this project.

From September 6-8, the hotel will accommodate all participating artists in its rooms, who will be within walking distance of the Lennon Wall thanks to the hotel’s ideal location in the very centre of the metropolis. Andrea Žaba Klváčková from Slovakia, Jan Wessel from Denmark, Denis Klatt from Germany, and many others will participate in the new form of the wall.

The Czech Republic will be represented by Charlien, Lenka Brázdilová, who recently participated in the Czech exhibition on the fence of the Czech Embassy in Paris.

It all kicks off at 9 a.m. and before the opening of the finished work at 6:30 p.m., the hotel’s director, Stefan Rådström, under the supervision of the artists, will spray-paint the logo of the hotel and the My Hotel Match project on the wall.

The patron of the project is the CzechTourism agency and it was created in cooperation with the Vice-Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jan Horník and the Czech Ambassador in Paris Michal Fleischmann.

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