Lennon's Wall Too Small for Artists. Surrounding Trees are the New Canvas

Lennon’s wall at Prague’s Kampa has been for many years a place where various art or messages appear. But now, it is obviously no longer enough for the artists, as they have started to paint on trees in the vicinity of Velkopřevorské Square.

The wall is located in the area of Prague 1, and the local town hall is not happy about the decoration on the trees. “It is incomprehensible to us why someone would decide to spray on living trees right next to the oldest legal area in Prague for graffiti,” said city spokesman Kateřina Písačková.

She added that according to information from experts, colour on the trees is not harmful, but certainly no more than the mechanism to remove it. “We hope it was a rather unique attempt on “land art” and sprayers realize that the trees are beautiful as they are and they do not need to be beautified,” concluded Písacková. 

On the outer walls of the Maltese Garden, the first painting appeared after the death of John Lennon in 1980. Over the years, it has become a symbol of resistance against the communist regime, that repainted it several times, even though, the Beatles’ messages, and lyrics have always returned to the wall.  In 2000 the group called the Rafani completely repainted the wall in green and in the middle, there was a single inscription – Love. A similar event happened in 2014, this time the wall was repainted with the text “Wall Is Over!”.

Author: Roberta Zoch

Photo: iDNES.cz

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