Learn to Cook Authentic Korean Food in Free Online Class

Has there ever been a better time to learn new skills and pick up new hobbies? Cooking allows you to not only maximize the ingredients you’ve stocked up in your kitchen but also helps diversify your meals so that you’re not just eating the same dish every night.

Pocha Restaurant in Prague will offer a free online cooking workshop on December 12th. You will get a free meal kit and cook together with the chef online through zoom.

“We want to encourage other communities in Prague that are also spreading the Korean culture here in the Czech Republic, to participate in the event – we would like them to give a small introduction of themselves during the online cooking class,” says one of Pocha owners.

“Our initial plan was to do a one-to-one cooking class but due to the pandemic situation, we had to change the event into an online cooking class. The cooking class will be held in four different time frames. From 11 am-12 pm Jaeyuk bokkeum, 1 pm-2 pm Bulgogi, from 3 pm to 4 pm a vegetable pancake, from 5 pm to 6 pm Bibimbap.”

The event is hosted by the Korean Embassy and the Korean Food Promotion Institute.

What you will learn to cook: 

  • Jeyuk bokkeum: highly popular Korean BBQ dish. Jeyuk means pork, and bokkeum means stir-fry. Pork is typically marinated in a spicy chili pepper paste based sauce with lots of fresh garlic and ginger.
  • Bulgogi: bulgogi (불고기) means “fire meat”.  It is often made with tender parts of beef, pork, or chicken. However, in general terms, unless specified, bulgogi is made with beef. It is one of the most well-known Korean traditional foods and it has been around for thousands of years.
  • Bibimbap: simply translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“. You can make endless variations to this dish depending on your preference and dietary requirements and also based on the dish/bowl it is served in.  More traditional and authentic versions of Bibimbap are made with raw beef and raw egg yolk along with other vegetables.
  • Kimchi pancake: savory pancake commonly made with wheat flour. It is made with a bit of seasoning and loads of… kimchi! The Korean name for kimchi pancakes is Kimchi Buchimgae, but some people might also call it Kimchi Jeon.


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