Last-Minute Christmas Gift Hunting? Go to Ingredients

ingredients prague store

If you are looking for exclusive niche perfumes and cosmetics, then you should not miss visiting the Ingredients store.

The store is a beautiful boutique with perfumes and cosmetics, offering hard-to-reach, unique scents, candles, and nourishing cosmetics. The Ingredients boutique located in the Old Town near Pařížská Street is a modern design space where you will experience true bliss thanks to unforgettable and wonderful scents.

In Ingredients, you can choose from such prestigious fragrance brands as Diptyque, Byredo, Aesop, Histoires de Parfums, Escentric Molecules, and more.

All these products will leave you with longing and memories for a long time, in which you will always return to your favorite scent.

You don’t know what niche perfumes and cosmetics are?

The word niche has its origins in marketing and means “market niche”. That is, anything that is not mainstream, that is extraordinary, unique, and original.

Niche products are not mass-produced, but in small batches, using traditional methods and with an emphasis on quality and manual processing -their distribution is very limited.

Address: Maiselova 41, Prague 1

ingredients prague store


ingredients prague store

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