Large Shops Over 200 Square Meters Will Remain Closed Tomorrow

October 28 is Independent Czechoslovak State Day, and most large stores over 200 square meters will close due to the law passed in 2016.

Large shops need to comply with the Retail Sales Hours Act, which regulates opening hours. During a state of emergency, this law does not apply.

However, Albert, Billa, Kaufland, Tesco, Lidl, Globus, and Penny Market announced the store closings on October 28. You can find out more information on their official websites.

Pharmacies, gas stations, and stores in airports, hospitals, and train stations are not included in the law.

“Our employees have been going through a very hectic period since the beginning of the pandemic, which has not slowed down even during the summer months. Therefore, our primary goal is to let them rest,” said Billa’s spokeswoman Dana Bratánková.

Penny Market is on the same line. “The current state of emergency and the spread of coronavirus places great demands on our employees, both physically and mentally. We let them take a day off,” said a company spokesman Tomáš Kubík.

The law covers the following public holidays:

  • 1st January,
  • Easter Monday,
  • 8th May (the Victory Day),
  • 28th September (Day of St. Vaclav / Czech Statehood Day),
  • 28th October (Independent Czechoslovak State Day),
  • 25th and 26th December (Christmas Holidays).

Violators of the law can face fines up to Kč 1 million, and some fines have been levied in the past.


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