The Largest Wine Store in Prague has Opened to Customers

lahve prague wine
Photo: Radim Miech

The largest specialized wine store in the Czech Republic has recently opened in Prague.

LÁHVE offers customers approximately 500 types of wine, olive oils, mustards, and various wine accessories.

In the newly opened 270 m2 store in Liben, shoppers can find approximately 500 unique types of wine. you can also see olive oils and mustard from Italy, crunchy Swedish Krisprolls sandwiches, which are a novelty on the Czech market, quality Czech glass, various wine accessories, and much more.

LÁHVE shop

Combined with chain retail and a traditional wine shop, the offered assortment is devised to give customers a wide selection of wines in each price range,  starting from 115 crowns. When buying at least three bottles, shoppers will receive a discount.

Specific sales promotions are always displayed on the labels to know in advance how much they will pay for their purchase.

Customers will find clear and detailed information about the goods on all labels, such as the name and origin of the wine, the recommended serving temperature, color or saturation, and what dishes the bottle is suitable for. They can choose wine according to their preferences.

The shop has professional staff available to customers, however,  the labels are informative enough to help select the ideal wine.

Wines & goods

Customers can pack their purchased goods in a solid cardboard box with a handle to be transported safely. Thanks to its durability, this box is reusable for further purchases.

LÁHVE  imports the majority of its goods directly from foreign suppliers. The prices of the offered assortment can be lower, and the best wines from different countries are available. Most of the wines are tasted and judged by company specialists.

Experts from Italy and France, who have worked in the wine industry for more than 15 years, help the company with their wine selection. They are also actively involved in creating a new range of goods for LÁHVE.


The company was founded in 2020, and its first store was opened in Liben, Prague. It is the largest wine shop in the Czech Republic, where customers will find approximately 500 unique types of wine in an area of ​​270 m2. Their main goal is to offer customers quality products at the most affordable prices.

Address: Českomoravská 2517/13, Libeň 190 00


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