Wine Lovers Rejoice: LÁHVE Launches Promotional French Wines Sale

French Wines Sale lahve

Prague’s LÁHVE wine shop — advertised as the ideal store for introverts — is hosting a sale campaign this week.

Eager visitors will be able to taste some wines for free and purchase the ones they like with a 30 percent discount.

Different wines will be available in the promotion each week; from October 4 to October 9, there will be six stamps from France — three red wines and three white ones. 

Customers can locate which items are under the promotion via a sticker on the shelves. For example, the white dry “Ma Maarsanne” from Domaine de Vigier winery can now be purchased for 185 CZK, rather than the usual 265 CZK. 

The brands participating in the promotion are taken into account in the store’s system of instant discounts, making it possible to purchase wines from various different countries (from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria) with an additional benefit. 

Address : Českomoravská 2517/13, Praha, Libeň (see on the map )

Work schedule :

  • Monday-Thursday — from 11:00 to 19:00
  • Friday — from 11:00 to 20:00
  • Saturday — from 10:00 to 14:00
  • Sunday — closed


Domaine de la Provenquiere Chardonnay-Viognier

Expressive wine with high acidity. The aroma reveals the pulp of ripe white fruits. Despite its acidity, it maintains a balance on the palate with distinct notes of peach and pear.

  • Type: white, dry
  • Paired with: poultry, white fish
  • Price: 199 CZK / 139 CZK


Domaine de Clayou Anjou Chenin blanc

The wine has a delicate taste and slight acidity. The aroma contains Williams pear and citrus notes.

  • Type: white, dry
  • Paired with: boiled or grilled fish, smoked salmon, goat cheese, emmental
  • Price: 225 CZK / 159 CZK


Domaine de Vigier “Ma Marsanne”

Fine fruity wine from the Rhône-Alpes region. Its pleasant and delicate aroma is reminiscent of fragrant peaches, apples and quince.

  • Type: white, dry
  • Paired with: aperitifs, seafood, crustaceans, shellfish
  • Price: 265 CZK / 185 CZK


Château Fontareche “Les Guirlandes” Syrah

Soft wine with a bouquet of fruits and spices. Freshness, richness and balance reveal a mild aroma of fruits, black olives and a pinch of mint.

  • Type: red, dry
  • Paired with: beef, veal, various pastas
  • Price: 159 CZK / 109 CZK


Château Lieumenant Bordeaux Supérieur

An expressive wine filled with a graceful bouquet of ripe red and forest fruits, spices and violets. Refined fruitiness gives the wine a delicate rich structure and fullness in the mouth.

  • Type: red, dry
  • Paired with: red meat, grilled meats, game, cheeses
  • Price: 199 CZK / 139 CZK


Tertre du Fort Médoc

A rich fruity wine. Its bouquet resembles ripe plums, cherries and blueberries. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fine tannin body of the wine and the finish with notes of cherry pie and coffee beans.

  • Type: red, dry
  • Paired with: red meat, dark chocolate desserts
  • Price: 239 CZK / 169 CZK

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