Prague Wine Store LÁHVE Announces Final Stage of Ongoing Sale

lahve wine store sale

Prague’s LÁHVE wine shop recently revealed the third step in its month-long promotional event.

Until October 30, customers can indulge in the “Try Before You Buy” sale, in which visitors can taste wines for free and purchase the ones they like with a 30 percent discount. 

Six Italian wines are participating in this week’s promotion; once in the store, customers can peruse the specific brands involved, as they will be marked with a corresponding red sticker. 


Peter Zemmer “La Lot” Pinot Grigio

Wine of medium structure and intensity. The acidity is balanced, mineral, with notes of dried fruits at the very end.

  • Type: white, dry
  • To pair with: snacks, fish dishes, vegetarian soups
  • Price: 229 CZK / 159 CZK


Castel Firmian Chardonnay Trentino

An excellent fruity wine with notes of red and yellow apples, apricots, melon and citrus. Harmonious and balanced in acidity.

  • Type: white, dry
  • To pair with: aperitif, snacks, white meats, cheeses
  • Price: 189 CZK / 135 CZK


Menegotti “Altana” Bianco Veronese

Intense fruity wine with hints of exotic fruits on the palate and floral aroma. In the mouth, it is balanced, fresh, well-structured, with a persistent taste.

  • Type: white, dry
  • To pair with: aperitif, snacks, fish, white meat
  • Price: 199 CZK / 139 CZK


Tramonto di Maremma Rosso Toscana

The wine is ruby ​​red in color with purple reflections. The aroma is clean, fruity with hints of raspberries and red berries. The palate is fruity, balanced, with soft tannins.

  • Type: red, dry
  • To pair with: barbecue, pizza, sausages, pasta with tomato sauce
  • Price: 209 CZK / 145 CZK


Castel Firmian Cabernet Sauvignon Trentino

The intense bouquet of this ruby ​​red wine impresses with multifaceted vanilla notes that soften the aroma of wood. Full-bodied wine with light tannins.

  • Type: red, dry
  • To pair with: roasts, red meat, game, cheeses
  • Price: 189 CZK / 135 CZK


Menegotti “Olta” Rosso Veronese

Intense fruity wine, in the aroma of which you immediately feel a range of fruits, macerated blueberries and balsamic, as well as a spicy background. The palate is elegant with soft tannins and a light finish.

  • Type: red, dry
  • To pair with: grilled red and white meats, cheeses
  • Price: 195 CZK / 135 CZK


All positions participating in the promotion are taken into account in the system of instant discounts, which makes it possible to purchase any other wines (from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria) with an additional benefit.

Another good news: there are always free parking spaces near the store, and all customers at the checkout are now compensated for the cost of the first 30 minutes of parking. This time is quite enough for a leisurely purchase.


  • Address: Českomoravská 2517/13, Praha, Libeň (see on the map)


Monday-Thursday – from 11:00 to 19:00

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