Kulový Blesk – One of the Beer Paradises

Beer, beer, beer…I know many pubs serve a nice beer. But there are only a few pubs in Prague that specialize in offering a wide variety of local Czech beers, all on tap, not only in bottles, and one of them is Kulový Blesk. In pubs like it, just to explain, they offer around 10 to 20 beers on tap, usually from different small- or micro-breweries, often more types of beer from one brewery.

In such a pub the beers are always of the best quality and the choice changes every day. My humble opinion on the quality is developed by my several years of experience with beer.

Kulovy blesk is not on the nicest spot, because it is blocked with the ‘Prague highway’ Sokolska. It offers a nice underground space decorated with posters of famous Czech movies. Actually, the name of the pub refers to the popular movie ‘Kulovy blesk‘ directed by Ladislav Smoljak and Zdenek Sverak. Apart from the beer, which usually satisfies me completely, you can enjoy pure Czech cuisine, including many nice starters (some bites for the beer) and large meals for meat lovers (burgers, chicken wings, ribs).

Important note – if you want to enjoy an evening in this pub, call and make a reservation first. As I mentioned already, this is one of the few pubs where there’s such a variety of beers on offer, and of course, this is quite valuable to visitors.

Author: Irena Schlosser.You can find the original article here

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