Křižíkova Street in Prague Named 11th Coolest in the World

This past year most of us haven’t strayed far from the street where we live, what with Covid-19 lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and travel bans.

But whether you’re daydreaming about international travel, or just excited to branch out of your neighborhood into the city center, Time Out has some inspiration fodder ready.

The global media brand has rounded up what it calls the world’s coolest streets, as selected by some 27,000 city residents from across the globe.

“What makes a street cool (especially in 2021)? To put it in a nutshell: food and fun, culture and community – and a rooftop bar doesn’t hurt either, ”writes the magazine. The result is the following ranking of the 30 coolest streets in the world.

Topping the list is Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia, a buzzy thoroughfare known for its independent stores, gay bars, live music venues and great restaurant scene.

The list comes as a separate global ranking of the world’s most liveable cities, released by the Economist Intelligence Unit this week, named Adelaide as the best Australian city to live in.

Křižíkova street in Prague has been described as:

“It may have suffered years of neglect and flooding, but today Křižíkova feels like hands down one of Prague’s buzziest streets. Chic art nouveau façades and loft conversions alternate with shabby tenements. Old-timers saunter with their dogs while multinational office workers grab Vietnamese sandwiches or Georgian khachapuri before dashing back to gleaming converted factories. Delis and espresso bars abound, plus a square under a lofty neo-romanesque church hosts a market. And the honey-colored Negrelli Viaduct, recently renovated, will soon house shops and cultural spaces under its arches.”

Place where to eat: If you’ve had it with pork and dumpling, try the contemporary international plates at Nejen Bistro

What to do: In the courtyard of Kasárna Karlín, a former barracks, you can catch a film or lounge with a drink under the stars.

What to buy: Unsung ales, both local and international, at Pivní Mozaika beer shop


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