Kohoutek: A Unique Slice of Italy, Serving Cockerel in the Heart of Prague

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Back in April of this year, Kohoutek opened its doors in Prague, ready to treat restaurant-goers to a new and distinct menu immersed in Italian tradition.

Forget pizza and pasta. Kohoutek has introduced cockerel – which is a young, male rooster – to the Czech Republic. For years cockerel has been a favourite food among families in northern Italy, but it is not traditionally served as part of Czech cuisine.

The founder of Kohoutek, Fabio, moved to the Czech Republic 15 years ago with the intent to eventually share the quintessential tastes of his region, Brescia. He knew that cockerel would be unfamiliar to the people here, but since his venture began, it has been thriving.

Cooking the cockerel is a long and delicate process, but it is totally worth it to achieve the succulent taste. Alberto Vitale, executive manager at Kohoutek, broke it down for us.

“We marinate the product for more than 48 hours, using more than 12 different spices. Afterward, it is smoked and then grilled,” he explained. “The process takes around 50 hours before it is served to the client, which is why it is so nice and so tasty.”

Every dish in the restaurant is made with 100% authentic Italian flavours, and the free-range, ethically-sourced cockerel meat is brought directly from Italy. They also import other traditional Italian products, such as mozzarella and tomatoes.

“For the ultimate and authentic taste,” Vitale said.

Entirely fresh, the cockerel tastes smoky and charcoaled, combined with the perfect blend of spices. The meat is juicy, succulent, and tender, a pleasure to eat – both full and rich.

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It is also important to the owners of Kohoutek to include elements of the Czech Republic in their menu concept since it is both the restaurant’s and the owners’ home. They have searched for the tastiest products available here, such as Czech pork, which is incorporated into their flavourful menu. For the ultimate experience, the menu is also tailored to suit the seasons. For the upcoming winter menu, expect the likes of truffle mushrooms, for example.

Available on Wolt, a large portion of the menu is slow-cooked, which means it remains warm for up to 40 minutes, ensuring that customers receive warm orders at home.

Recently, Kohoutek has introduced a fun, fast, and streamlined system to the restaurant. At their kiosk, customers can directly order whatever they desire from the menu. The order is instantly processed and sent straight through to the kitchen. Within 15 minutes it is served to the customer. There is also a bottom-up beer dispenser, which is likely a new concept to most people in Prague. Czech Malastrana beer is filled from the bottom of the glass, allowing for the fastest possible serving.

Lastly, one of the most unique aspects of the restaurant, besides the food, is that it is a concept store. From the chair, you sit on, to the motorbike hanging from the wall, everything you see inside the restaurant is available for purchase.

When it comes to Kohoutek, think bistro: fast food and ultra-fast service. But unlike other fast foods, Kohoutek’s menu is healthy and tasty. Diners also have the choice to dine-in and enjoy the beautifully-designed restaurant or garden, which is open year-round and fitted with heat lamps to keep customers comfortable and warm in the cold Prague months.

Located in Prague 3, Kohoutek is open every day from 11 am to 10 pm and plans to remain open throughout Christmas. 


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