KOFEIN Prague – Creative Tapas and More

Kofein is a family operated establishment in the beautiful and peaceful residential area of Vinohrady.

Jaro and Vera – the two owners – are both from Prague and have been in gastro since their teenage years.

Being the adventurous travelers they are, they made the decision to move to Australia and work in Sydney. In Sydney, they developed their knowledge of international cuisine while working at some of the best restaurants Sydney had to offer.

After a year of living and working in Australia, they decided to embark on a different kind of adventure, taking the long way back to Prague. They traveled through South East Asia making stops in Bali, Thailand then through Japan where they, using made their way onto a Russian merchant ship to go to Russia. They then traveled across Russia with the Trans Siberian Express and eventually back to Prague.

After some time in Prague, they started their next adventure by living in a few Swiss ski towns, gaining experience in working in French and Spanish restaurants inspiring them to open Kofein.

Kofein’s speciality is international tapas and wine. This is an emerging culinary trend that is spreading across Prague. Tapas are a great way to experience different types of food and cuisine whilst you socialize with friends and family.

“When we opened Kofein in 2011, there weren’t any tapas restaurants in Prague. If you’re a foodie or been living in Prague for a few years, you know Kofein..”

Combining tasty tapas and delicious wine is the perfect setting for conversations to start and tapas is a lifestyle, not just a meal. We think Kofein is the perfect place to have a lovely meal, share a bottle or two of wine, and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Kofein’s website states “tapas are a way to prolong and vary the enjoyment of eating without regard to the size of the portion on your plate.”

Kofein offers a lunch menu which is excellent for those who are working from home or from the office and desire a two-course lunch meal of quality. Whether you’re a meat-eater or vegan, you’ll find a dish on the lunch menu. The weekly lunch menu includes a homemade iced tea or a small Cvikov beer,  all for an affordable price.

kofein prague morning

Kofein’s dinner menu consists of both hot and cold tapas with a carefully selected wine list – with both domestic and international selections are up for offer. The dessert menu consists of their Instagram famous Pistachio crème brûlée or White nougat soufflé with cherries that are both to die for!

Kofein places high importance on quality and local fresh produce as well as preparing with an effort to satisfy their customers. There are choices for both vegetarians and meat-eaters as well as non-alcoholic choices too.

“We don’t see tapas as just food – it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy a tapas as you meet with friends and have a drink together whilst enjoying small bites of delicious food. Tapas is supposed to lengthen your dining experience so that you can make the most of your friends’ or family’s company.”

“With tapas, you have a larger palette of flavors,” said Jaromír Hejhal, Kofein’s manager. “You can drink and eat without any rules.” Kofein’s tapas list consists of both Spanish and non-Spanish foods which range from beef fillet with rocket, trout with beetroot purée. More typical Mediterranean options are available as well, such as marinated olives and chorizo.

“After visiting Kofein a few times, you will become a regular and you will experience one of the best restaurant services in Prague.”

Address: Nitranská 9 130 00 Prague
Website: www.ikofein.cz

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