KLM Will Resume Prague-Amsterdam Flight in Early May

The first scheduled flight to be resumed from the Prague Airport will be KLM’s between Prague and Amsterdam in early May.

The carrier officially announced it on Tuesday morning.

The first KLM plane should land in Prague on May 4, at 10:40. KLM will deploy its smallest aircraft: the Embraer E-175 for 88 passengers.

From the beginning of July, the company should expand the connection up to four flights a day according to current sales.

Prague Airport spokeswoman Kateřina Pavlíková said that “as soon as the airlines show interest in flying to Prague again, we are ready to start handling almost immediately.”

KLM is an exception among carriers. Today, for example, Ryanair extended its shutdown for another week. The Irish-based company scheduled to launch a large part of the flights from Prague on May 8. The next possible date is May 15.

Today, the only scheduled flight with regular passengers in Prague has been the one to Minsk, operated by Belavia. Together with Bulgaria Air, these are the only two airlines with regular operations at Vaclav Havel Airport.

Based on a new survey by the research agency Behavio, almost two-thirds of Czechs (63 percent) intend to spend this year’s summer holiday in the Czech Republic, even if it would be possible to travel abroad.

Around a fifth of Czechs are not going on vacation this year.


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