Kinského Zahrada – Ideal Picnic Park With Views

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I like hidden places and Kinského zahrada in Prague is one of them. The gardens seem to be part of Petřín, a huge hill with this miniature Eiffel tower sitting on the top, but are more private, hidden behind a wall.

Gardens were rebuilt in the English style in the 19th century (I read this fact while writing this article) and it probably explains why I see people having picnics on the lawn and why the place feels to me instinctively English.

Kinského zahrada is all about great views too. I don’t know why people love views so much…does it make us feel on the top of the world and all the things on it? Is it the combination of the magnificent and scary? I’m not sure myself, but I love them. And Prague is, thanks to its hilly nature, very generous with views.

You have to climb up a bit to catch the best views. I took this picture by the biggest lake in the park and it gives a pretty view of the eastern part of Prague, highlighting Prague’s Manhattan on Pankrac.

Author: Irena Schlosser. You can find the original article here

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