Kino Pilotů: Local Cinema of Vršovice District

The Vršovice district, with its Krymská street, is a cultural hub of local Praguers. However, the cultural area would not be complete without a local cinema.

Thanks to the Kino Pilotů that opened six years ago, the cultural district has everything it needs.

The Program of Cinema

Kino Pilotů opened a few years ago its third screening room, so the diversity is becoming wider. Initially, two screening rooms had a capacity of about 150 people. The third one is really a small-scale place for 15-20 people, and it looks like it is becoming the most popular one.

We really like the diversity of movies. You can find here new movies in distribution, but also the popular art movies that you won’t find in cinemas anymore.

There is plenty of choices. Just check the actual program of Kino Pilotu. Occasionally, you can join debates with the authors and artists of particular movies.

Kino Pilotu Prague


Every good cinema should have a good café/bar for its visitors. Kino Pilotů has a nice offer of quality coffee, fresh drinks, and small snacks. What I appreciate is the atmosphere during the hot summer nights when you sit outside and enjoy the vibes of the district.


Kino Pilotu Prague


The Story of Kino Pilotu

It is always great to hear about the opening of a new cinema or cultural center, especially when it has its tradition that is renewed. Originally, the cinema was built in the 1930s by the Union of Czechoslovak pilots.

The Union operated three cinemas around Prague – Kino Pilotů, Kino Aero in Žižkov district, and Kino Vzlet which is currently under reconstruction.

The cinema operated until the 1990s when this space became a bar, so the location lost its original purpose. Fortunately, the Czech movie producer Jan Macola together with his wife Alžběta decided to open cinema and were looking for the proper space.

They noticed a barely visible rusting sign Kino Pilotů and asked the owners about the possibility to reopen the cinema. After significant reconstruction, they managed to open it to the public in March 2016.

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