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Kavafaktura prague

Today coffee lovers have a place to roam- coffee can vary in all kinds with the taste of nuts and roasted bread, with smoky shades and sourness of grapefruit, with hints of chocolate almonds and cherries on cognac.

The service is also on top: freshly roasted coffee beans can be bought at any decent coffee house (or ordered online) – a few years ago people could only dream of this. Coffee continues its expansion in the city, and more and more enthusiasts open not only their own coffee houses, but also start roasting their own coffee.

The outgoing year was generous with new projects. Kavafaktura has recently opened a point in Modřany where you can always try freshly roasted coffee and have a glass of wine. This is a spacious showroom of coffee beans with seating.

The new Kavafaktura branch is located in a modern building in a residential area next to a bus stop (you won’t pass by). The guys acquired a whole army of loyal fans. I was there on a Sunday and only a couple of tables were available. That fact itself deserves a lot of respect. Here you can work on your laptop, enjoy a book accompanied by a cup of hot drink or chat with a barista. They do brew classics and filter. In addition to coffee, the menu has a variety of desserts.

I spoke to Dildar, who has been with Kavafaktura Head Barista for over two years.

“Our boss is a lawyer. Some time ago he traveled a lot and his friend from Germany invited him to visit. This same friend worked in a coffee house as a roaster. Once our boss observed such a picture in a friend’s coffee shop: on a cloudy, rainy morning a woman came to them. She ordered a cup of coffee, sat down on the street, in the rain and sadly looked into the distance. The barista decided to cheer her up and drew a pattern with the sun using latte art. He brought her coffee with the words “let your mood be wonderful”, in response, the woman gave him a smile for the first time in a long time. It was at that moment that our boss realized that coffee is more than just a drink. He realized that coffee brings people together, that this simple but interesting drink can change the fate of many.

The main value of Kavafaktura is the staff. This is clearly seen when you just order coffee. The barista will chat with you, give you grain advice or patiently answer any questions you may have. It’s logical, isn’t it? Morning is the best time for coffee: people run to work, not always in the best mood, but here they are greeted with a smile, care and still brew delicious coffee.

“Our boss quit a month after that incident” – Dildar continues. – He went to study, learned how to roast coffee beans himself. In 2015, he opened his first branch on Narodni, which, unfortunately, no longer works. But this coffee house, in which we are now sitting, has been working for 4 months in a row.

Here you can also buy fresh coffee beans of your own roasting from 12 countries of the world. There are several interesting (mix of grains) of 100% Arabica in the assortment.

Kavafaktura prague

The grains here are neither too sour nor too bitter. Specialty coffee lovers will find their favorite here, and even sophisticated customers who, for example, love decaffeinated coffee, will also be pleased with the large selection. There are blends with robusta – they are suitable for those who, on the contrary, love a large amount of caffeine and cannot imagine their life without it.

So far, coffee can be bought only by arriving at a coffee shop, but this is a great reason to visit one of the Kavafaktura branches.

Kavafaktura prague

I don’t even remember when I first learned about Kavafaktura. Then I visited their coffee house in Prague 10: I remember that I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the coffee house itself. There were parents with children, and a young couple, and a woman who obviously lived in the same house and came here every morning. With all this, we did not interfere with each other and did not hear other people’s conversations.

I ordered a filter, because I went here purposefully to try the coffee of its roasting. Then I especially liked the coffee menu. It just seems endless. Coffee of variations for every taste.

Coffee.Sweets.Love – this is the main motto of Kavafaktura. I don’t want to leave this place, and do I need to.


  • Počernická 60a, Praha 10, Malešice
  • Čs. exilu 40,Praha 12,Modřany
  • Mo-Fr 7:30-19:00 Sa 9:00-17:00 Su 9:00-15:00


Kavafaktura prague

Kavafaktura prague

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