Kaufland Introduces New Environmentally Friendly Receipt

kaufland receipts

Starting with this month, Kaufland Czech Republic will gradually introduce in its stores a new type of shopping receipts, more resistant and more environmentally friendly.

Thus, the company reaffirms its commitment to sustainability.

The new receipt is made of an innovative, blue thermal paper, without chemical dyes. Thus, it is resistant to sunlight, water and grease and does not lose its legibility or other physical properties over time.

In addition, the paper from which it is made is FSC certified, coming from sustainable forestry.

The receipt is recyclable and when customers no longer need it, they can safely collect it along with other paper waste.

Together with the transition to the new shopping receipt, the packaging of paper rolls for cash registers was also optimized – the company gave up the use of plastic for grouping rolls.

The new receipts have already been tested at two stores in Olomouc and Prostějov, and there have been positive feedback from customers.

From March, Kaufland will gradually introduce them to other stores across the country. Within July this year, there should be eco-receipts at all cash desks of 135 Kaufland stores in the Czech Republic.

This change contributes to the objectives of the Schwarz Group’s REset Plastic strategy, by saving 30 tons of plastic annually, at the entire Schwarz Group level.

More information on plastic strategy can be found here

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