Night at a Historical Convent: Prague’s Next Unique Music & Art Event

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Do you love electronic music? Do you enjoy art? Then prepare yourself for a unique experience of both at the upcoming Katarze // Samsara event, taking place in a historical religious setting on the 18th of September.

Katarze’s is coming up on their third, pop up – this version manifests Samsara, both symbolize rebirth and the never-ending cycle of life, so this event will serve as an opportunity to escape the mundane feeling of the everyday routine. This event will recharge you, this event is what we’ve all been longing to enjoy post-covid resurrection of the art and music scene in Prague.

Katarze is a unique experience that combines both art and electronic music, both merged together in a breathtaking historical setting, the Gabriel Loci space just for one night. The event will feature art installations and paintings by the likes of Aneta Filipová, Jiří Anders, Jan Dostál, Gabriela Procházka, Verge, Šimon Szabo, and more.. 

The music will be provided by techno and house artists from Germany, the UK, and Czechia. The man of the hour is Alex Stein, who is currently one of the most progressive and demanded Dj’s from the new rising stars of the German techno scene. The event focuses on bringing out the new generation of talent from the music and art scenes that will create a one-of-a-kind thrilling atmosphere for anybody who comes through its doors.

Katarze // Samsara will take place at Gabriel Loci, a former religious complex built between 1888 and 1891 in the neo-Romanesque style. Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be used to host the all-night-long event.

The building is located close to the Kinský Garden and includes the Monastery of the Annunciation. Previously, it served as a Benedictine convent of the Beuron congregation in Prague.

The building is remarkable for its diverse artistic decoration featuring a glass ceiling, columns, and large windows that will be a perfect backdrop for a night of techno music.

Set in the center of Prague, near the busy Anděl and easily reachable by public transport, organisers will transform this place into a special atmosphere of celebrating music and art.

On September 18, take the opportunity to escape routine and dive into an unusual night of liberation, happiness, and, if you are up to it, nirvána.

  • Katarze // Samsara at Gabriel Loci
  • September 18th-19th 2021
  • 9pm-9am
  • Tickets


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