Karlínské náměstí Has New Environment-Friendly Public Lighting

The Municipal Society of Technology of the Capital City of Prague continues to modernize public lighting in the Karlín district.

Karlínské náměstí and the adjacent streets received 59 new public lighting poles, 91 LED luminaires, and a complete public lighting smart switchboard.

The objective is, at the same time, furnishing the posts with other functionalities by the means of newly installed measuring sensors. The modernized public lighting posts may also increase the safety of people at the given location.

“We can adjust the lighting level and reduce electricity consumption. The city will save on lighting and the inhabitants of the surrounding houses will appreciate the reduction of light smog,” said Prague councilor for property Jan Chabr (United Forces).

The new project is focused on the communication and regulation of individual luminaires. “Thanks to this, our control room can regulate operating parameters in real-time and to a greater extent control the status of individual luminaires and possible faults,” explained the chairman of the board of THMP Tomáš Jílek, adding that the technology also allows remote switching on and off to change brightness efficiently.

In the future, lamp posts could also provide data on neighbouring buildings, benches, smart waste containers, parking meters, etc. Data will be archived in a data platform and processed for further application.

The municipality installed a new meteorological and environmental station.

“It has ten independent sensors and can measure, for example, air quality, temperature, atmospheric pressure, or dust particles. The data from the station will be accessible within the city data platform GOLEMIO and also to the general public,“ added Chabr.

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