Karlin Street Food Festival to Take Place This Sunday, June 26

Karlín street food festival

This Sunday, June 26, will take place one of the most awaited festivals of the year, hosted by Karlin Market.

The Street Food Festival will have a number of food vendors representing the best of what modern Czech street food has to offer.

Beyond just food, however, there will be something for everyone. Many different beers will be available bottled and on tap.

Two DJ’s–DJ Hlava and DJ Senor Victor–will be playing live music and creating a fun, family-friendly ambience.

That’s not all for live music, however. The bands Neandrtal Project and United Heads will also be performing at the festival.

Alongside the music, there will be a skateboard and BMX exhibition, with a big ramp and some of the best riders showing off their tricks.

Marek Cejchan, one of the best skateboarders in the country will be there, along with Martin Masek who will show off his unique, aggressive BMX
style with some mind-blowing stunts.

On a similar theme, the Prague Breakin School–the best break dancing school in the Czech Republic–will be performing and teaching any
interested children in some of the moves.

The school is nearby in Karlin and has helped revitalize the post-industrial neighborhood into one of the most happening neighborhoods. There will also be other workshops and trampolines available for kids, while the adults enjoy the food and drink.

The festival will begin at 11 AM on Sunday and go until 8 in the evening. Come for the food, stay for the performances, and make sure to bring your whole family.

It’s just a quick walk from the Karlínské náměstí tram stop.

Karlín street food festival

Karlín street food festival

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